Hello, my name is Dorian Felder. The meaning of my name is sweet, kind, and very caring. I am a student at McComb High School. I am in the 10th grade. I am currently enrolled in Mrs. Sartin's keyboarding class. I [ l o v e ♥ ] to cheer, play soccer, and run track!!:) I cheer/cheered at the Mississippi Gym of Dreams in Brookhaven, MS as an All-Star cheerleader. I've done all of these since I was able to walk. And my favorite celebrities are the entire Young Money Association.

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After graduation, I plan to go cheer and major in psychology at the University of Mississippi. I also want to minor in business. Once I get my Doctorate's Degree, I plan on getting my own psychiatrist's office.

I am the second oldest of 5. I have an older sister, a younger sister, and 2 younger brothers. They are all very dear to my heart. My bestfriend is Taylor Gregory.

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My belief about cyber/internet safety is that it is very rare. One can try their best to be cyber safe, but once anything personal is exposed to the World Wide Web it's completely over for you.

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Allyson Adrian
Bayleigh Bryson
Cailan Charlie
Dorian Devin
Elise Eric
Felicia Frank
Gabrielle Garrett
Haylee Harrell
Isabelle Isaac
Jaedyn Jordan
Khylah Kobe
Leyna Lamar
McKenzie Michael
Nicole Nicholas
Olivia Oliver
Paige Payton
QuaLesia Quenton
Raegan Ronald
Simone Steven
Tina Tariq
Uniqua Ulysses
Vanessa Victor
Wanda William
Xantwanyka Xaviar
Yvonne Yemond
Zenisha Zacchaeus



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Quizzes for Keyboarding
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